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3d乐彩论坛字谜图谜专区jjyk788.cn is your one-stop online shop to buy industrial automation equipment/electronics/components from chinese manufacturers directly. ato's goal is helping saving your money by bypassing all kinds of local dealers/agents in buying industrial automation products for your systems. you will be enjoyed on how easy to make purchase on ato online store, and with fast delivery & professional services.

ATO Blog

3d乐彩论坛字谜图谜专区toroidal transformer is a kind of step-up and step-down power supply device, which has the advantages of small volume, low noise, less heat and high performance. generally, we use a variety of voltages, such as 220v for domestic lighting, 36v for industrial sa...

What is Mini Linear Actuator? Sat, Feb 01 by jjyk788.cn

a mini linear actuator refers to a transmission device with a small volume and a small stroke. when searching for electric actuators, customers will add a mini in front. when some customers inquire through email, the most important thing they concern about is ...

Control Transformer Working Principle Fri, Jan 31 by jjyk788.cn

control transformer is a small dry-type transformer, which is mainly used to change the voltage of ac power. it is wound by an iron core and a coil. it can change not only the voltage of the alternating current, but also the impedance. when the design power is...

Air Quality Monitor Price List Fri, Jan 31 by jjyk788.cn

3d乐彩论坛字谜图谜专区air pollution, mainly comes from haze, dust particles, smoke, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, soot and so on. indoor air pollutants are mainly from decoration, because the widely-used decorative materials, plate, paint, glue, new furniture, adhesives, e...

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